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GigaDB contains 223 discoverable, trackable, and citable datasets that have been assigned DOIs and are available for public download and use.

Datasets and tools

New dataset added on 2016-06-20: 10.5524/100201 Genomics data from the Mediterranean olive tree, Olea europaea var. europaea.
New dataset added on 2016-06-14: 10.5524/100204 Supporting data for "Keemei: cloud-based validation of tabular bioinformatics file formats in Google Sheets".
New dataset added on 2016-05-26: 10.5524/100203 Supporting data for "Sequencing, de novo assembly, and annotation of a pink bollworm larval midgut transcriptome".
New dataset added on 2016-05-24: 10.5524/100199 Supporting information for "Gigwa - Genotype Investigator for Genome Wide Analyses".
New dataset added on 2016-05-20: 10.5524/100198 The data for: Genomic resources and draft reference assemblies of the human and porcine scabies mites, Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis and var. suis
New dataset added on 2016-05-19: 10.5524/100197 Resource for “Transcriptome sequences spanning key developmental states as a resource for the study of the cestode Schistocephalus solidus, a threespine stickleback parasite.”
New dataset added on 2016-04-25: 10.5524/100194 Supporting data for "Low coverage sequencing of three echinoderm genomes: the brittle star Ophionereis fasciata, the sea star Patiriella regularis, and the sea cucumber Australostichopus mollis".
New dataset added on 2016-04-07: 10.5524/100169 Supporting material for "High throughput identification of novel conotoxins from the Chinese tubular cone snail (Conus betulinus) by multi-transcriptome sequencing".
New dataset added on 2016-03-01: 10.5524/100190 Micro-computed tomography scans and virtual histological slides of a recently described land planarian species of Obama otavioi (Platyhelminthes).
New dataset added on 2016-02-05: 10.5524/100188 Supporting materials for "Whole genome sequence analysis of BT-474 using Complete Genomics’ standard and Long Fragment Read technologies".