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GigaDB contains 198 discoverable, trackable, and citable datasets that have been assigned DOIs and are available for public download and use.

Datasets and tools

New dataset added on 2015-11-26: 10.5524/100180 Supporting data for "Multi-platform microRNA profiling of hepatoblastoma patients using formalin fixed paraffin embedded archival samples".
New dataset added on 2015-11-24: 10.5524/100167 Supporting data and materials for "Exemplary multiplex bisulfite amplicon data used to demonstrate the utility of Methpat".
New dataset added on 2015-11-24: 10.5524/100178 Supporting materials and software for "GenomeTester4: a toolkit for performing basic set operations - union, intersection and complement on k-mer lists".
New dataset added on 2015-11-24: 10.5524/100168 Supporting data for "Spatially-transformed fluorescence image data for ERK-MAPK and selected proteins within human epidermis".
New dataset added on 2015-11-09: 10.5524/100160 Supporting data for "Full-length single cell RNA-seq applied to a viral human cancer: Applications to HPV expression and splicing analysis in HeLa S3 cells".
New dataset added on 2015-11-04: 10.5524/100179 Supporting data and materials for the de novo assembly of Dekkera bruxellensis CBS11270 using multiple technologies.
New dataset added on 2015-10-28: 10.5524/100157 Bovine whole-genome sequence alignments from the Canadian Cattle Genome Project
New dataset added on 2015-10-20: 10.5524/100171 Software and exemplar data for Rcorrector.
New dataset added on 2015-09-24: 10.5524/100130 3-dimensional microCT reconstructions of brooding brittle stars
New dataset added on 2015-09-22: 10.5524/100166 The genome of the Australian dragon lizard Pogona vitticeps.