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Data released on July 06, 2011


Genomic data from the Chinese Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta lasiota).

Yan, G; Zhang, G; Fang, X; Zhang, Y; Li, C; Ling, F; Cooper, DN; Li, O; Li, Y; van Gool, AJ; Du, H; Chen, J; Chen, R; Zhang, P; Huang, Z; Thompson, JR; Meng, Y; Bai, Y; Wang, J; Zhuo, M; Wang, T; Huang, Y; Wei, L; Li, J; Wang, Z; Hu, H; Le, L; Stenson, PD; Li, B; Liu, X; Ball, EV; An, N; Huang, Q; Zhang, Y; Fan, W; Zhang, X; Li, Y; Wang, W; Katze, MG; Su, B; Nielsen, R; Yang, H; Wang, J; Wang, X; Wang, J (2011): Genomic data from the Chinese Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta lasiota). GigaScience. RIS BibTeX Text

The Chinese rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta lasiota) is a subspecies of rhesus macaques that mainly resides in western and central China. Due to their anatomical and physiological similarity with human beings, macaques are a common laboratory model. Also, as several macaques species have been sequenced, such as the Indian rhesus macaque and the crab-eating macaque, examination of the Chinese rhesus macaque (CR) genome offers interesting insights into the entire Macaca genus. The DNA sample for data sequencing and analyses was obtained from a five-year old female CR from southwestern China. The genome was sequenced on the IlluminaGAIIx platform, from which 142-Gb of high-quality sequence, representing 47-fold genome coverage for CR. The total size of the assembled CR genome was about 2.84 Gb, providing 47-fold on average. Scaffolds were assigned to the chromosomes according to the synteny displayed with the Indian rhesus macaque and human genome sequences. About 97% of the CR scaffolds could be placed onto chromosomes.

Related manuscripts:

doi:10.1038/nbt.1992 (PubMed: 22002653)

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BioProject: PRJNA51409

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SRA: SRP003590



Sample ID Taxonomic ID Common name Genbank name Scientific name Sample attributes
CR 9544 Rhesus macaque Rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta

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CR Readme TEXT 1 3 6490.63 KB 2012-04-27


CR Genome assembly FASTA 2 9 814300074776.58 MB 2011-07-06


CR Coding sequence FASTA 2 8 1057117610.08 MB 2011-07-06


CR Protein sequence FASTA 2 7 69503976.63 MB 2011-07-06


CR Annotation GFF 2 7 23255382.22 MB 2011-07-06


CR Annotation IPR 1 6 189037184.61 KB 2011-07-06


CR Annotation KEGG 1 5 3953838.61 KB 2011-07-06


CR Annotation WEGO 1 6 428770418.72 KB 2011-07-06

CR Annotation UNKNOWN 1 6 329180321.46 KB 2011-07-06


CR Genome assembly UNKNOWN 2 9 219733385209.55 MB 2011-07-06