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Data released on November 12, 2011

Genomic data from the potato.

Beletsky, A, V; Bolser, D, M; Chakrabarti, S, K; Cheng, S; De La Cruz, G; Di Genova, A; Guzman, F; Kolganova, T, V; Kuznetsov, B, B; Li, R; Lozano, R; Mardanov, A, V; Martin, D, M; Martinez, D; Mu, D; Ni, P; Orjeda, G; Pan, S; Patil, V, U; Ponce, O; Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium, ; Ravin, N, V; Skryabin, K, G; Torres, M; Wang, J; Xu, X; Yang, S; Zhang, B; Zhang, G; Kuang, H; Li, G; Yang, Y; Hu, Q; Xiong, X; Bishop, G, J; Sagredo, B; Mejia, N; Zagorski, W; Gromadka, R; Gawor, J; Szczesny, P; Huang, S; Zhang, Z; Liang, C; He, J; Li, Y; He, Y; Xu, J; Zhang, Y; Xie, B; Du, Y; Qu, D; Bonierbale, M; Ghislain, M; del Rosario Herrera, M; Giuliano, G; Pietrella, M; Perrotta, G; Facella, P; O’Brien, K; Feingold, S, E; Barreiro, L, E; Massa, G, A; Diambra, L; Whitty, B, R; Vaillancourt, B; Lin, H; Massa, A, N; Geoffroy, M; Lundback, S; DellaPenna, D; Buell, C; Sharma, S, K; Marshall, D, F; Waugh, R; Bryan, G, J; Destefanis, M; Nagy, I; Milbourne, D; Thomson, S, J; Fiers, M; Jacobs, J, M; Nielsen, K, L; Sonderkar, M; Iovene, M; Torres, G, A; Jiang, J; Veilleux, R, E; Bachem, C, W; de Boer, J; Borm, T; Kloosterman, B; van Eck, H; Datema, E; Hekkert, B, T; Goverse, A; van Ham, R, C; Visser, R, G (2011): Genomic data from the potato. GigaScience. RIS BibTeX Text

Available here is the genome of the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), the first genome sequenced from the asterid clade. Potato is a member of the Solanaceae, a plant family that includes many other economically important species, such as tomato, petunia, eggplant, tobacco, and pepper. As the potato is both clonally propagated and the world;s most important non-grain food crop, its genome is a valuable agricultural resource. The Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium sequenced two species: the heterozygous diploid S. tuberosum Group Tuberosum cultivar, RH89-039-16 (RH), and the doubled monoploid S. tuberosum Group Phureja clone DM1-3 516R44 (DM). The potato genome consists of 12 chromosomes, of which over 80% of the homozygous clone’s 844-megabase genome were assembled. Genome analysis revealed evidence of at least two genome duplication events and identified a number of asterid-specific genes. Comparison between the two clones identified frequent gene variations and mutations, which may cause inbreeding depression.

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Xu, X., Pan, S., Cheng, S., Zhang, B., Mu, D., Ni, P., … Wang, J. (2011). Genome sequence and analysis of the tuber crop potato. Nature, 475(7355), 189–195. doi:10.1038/nature10158 (PubMed: 21743474)

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SRA: SRP007439
ENA: ERP000411
ENA: ERP000627



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Sample IDTaxonomic IDCommon NameGenbank NameScientific NameSample Attributes
DM1-3 516R444113PotatopotatoSolanum tuberosum
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File NameSample IDData TypeFile FormatSizeRelease Date 
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA90.25 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA66.63 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA45.66 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA61.36 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA58.27 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA52.43 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA50.95 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA41.63 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA51.16 MB2011-11-12
DM1-3 516R44Sequence assemblyFASTA49.89 MB2011-11-12
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