Genomic data from the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas).

Dataset type: Genomic, Transcriptomic
Data released on July 12, 2012

Fang X; Li L; Luo R; Xu F; Wang X; Zhu Y; Yang L; Huang Z (2012): Genomic data from the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas). GigaScience.


The Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) belongs to one of the most species-rich but genomically poorly explored phyla, the Mollusca. In this study, DNA was extracted from an oyster derived from four generations of full-sib mating. Short-reads and a fosmid-pooling strategy were used for sequencing and assembly of the oyster genome. DNA extracted from the inbred oyster and another wild oyster was used for resequencing analysis. Finally, RNA-seq and small RNA from different organs at different developmental stages were extracted for developmental studies.

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Zhang, G., Fang, X., Guo, X., Li, L., Luo, R., Xu, F., … Qi, H. (2012). The oyster genome reveals stress adaptation and complexity of shell formation. Nature, 490(7418), 49–54. doi:10.1038/nature11413 (PubMed: 22992520)
Yu, H., Zhao, X., & Li, Q. (2016). Genome-wide identification and characterization of long intergenic noncoding RNAs and their potential association with larval development in the Pacific oyster. Scientific Reports, 6(1). doi:10.1038/srep20796

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SRA: SRA040229
SRA: SRA043580
GEO: GSE31012

Sample IDTaxonomic IDCommon NameGenbank NameScientific NameSample Attributes
oyster29159Pacific oysterPacific oysterCrassostrea gigas
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oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ1.37 GB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ1.36 GB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ876.11 MB2012-07-12
oysterOtherEXCEL101 KB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ586.34 MB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ697.36 MB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ637.22 MB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ694.83 MB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ660.09 MB2012-07-12
oysterTranscriptome sequenceFASTQ692.34 MB2012-07-12
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