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Data released on June 18, 2014

Metacellulosomics data demonstrating synergism in a soil-derived cellulose-degrading microbial community.

Chen, J; Cheng, S; Dong, X; Eijsink, V, H; Jin, T; Lei, X; Li, S; Liu, F; Pope, P, B; Su, Q; Tan, F; Wang, J; Wang, J; Wen, B; Yang, H; Yang, J; Yang, R; Yang, S; Zhang, G; Zhao, J; Zhou, C; Zhou, X; Zhou, Y (2014): Metacellulosomics data demonstrating synergism in a soil-derived cellulose-degrading microbial community. GigaScience Database. RIS BibTeX Text

Currently available enzyme technology is insufficient to economically degrade plant biomass, and presumably will remain so until we reach a comprehensive understanding of how nature solves this problem. Here we show that a microbial consortium enriched from soil establishes collaborative relationships to enable efficient hydrolysis of plant polysaccharides. Analyses of reconstructed bacterial draft genomes from all seven uncultured phylotypes in the consortium show that these microbes cooperate in both cellulose-degrading and other important metabolic processes. Experimental evidence for cellulolytic inter-species synergies came from the discovery of cellulosome structures composed of subunits from different phylotypes. Oxygen consumption by specific phylotypes enables anaerobic saccharification, whereas inferred utilization of the resulting metabolites by non-cellulolytic phylotypes negates their accumulation and associated negative effects towards cellulose degradation. These collaborative microbial actions illustrate that efficient biomass conversion in nature relies on a high level of microbial community organization.

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SRA: SRA065216

Metagenomic, Proteomic

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Sample IDTaxonomic IDCommon NameGenbank NameScientific NameSample Attributes
SAMN01888382410658Soil Metagenome soil metagenome Environment (biome):konjac
Collection date:39533
Comment:soil cellulolytic consortium
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SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW307.93 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW310.39 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW542.04 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW507.66 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW502.58 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW500.69 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW450.18 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW415.71 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW388.94 MB2013-07-08
SAMN01888382Mass Spectrometry dataRAW381.51 MB2013-07-08
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