Genomic data from Triticum urartu - the progenitor of wheat A genome

Dataset type: Genomic
Data released on March 07, 2013

Ling H; Zhao S; Zhang C; Tao Y; Gao C; Liang Q; Wang D; Zhang A; Wang J (2013): Genomic data from Triticum urartu - the progenitor of wheat A genome GigaScience Database.


The wheat A genome, as a basic genome of bread wheat and other polyploid wheats, is centrally important to the evolution, domestication, and genetic improvement of wheat. The progenitor of the A genome is the diploid wild einkorn wheat Triticum urartu. Here, we sequenced T. urartu (accession G1812) using a whole-genome shotgun strategy on the Illumina HiSeq 2000 platform, and assembled the genome using SOAPdenovo2 with 448.49 Gb of filtered high-quality sequence data. The genome assembly reached 3.92 Gb (without Ns) with a contig N50 length of 3.42 kb and 4.66 Gb (with Ns) with a scaffold N50 length of 63.69 kb . To facilitate gene prediction, we generated a 116.65 Mb transcriptome of T. urartu with 67.14 Gb RNA-Seq data from eight different tissues and treatments, and 49,935 assembled transcripts from six tissues using the Roche 454 sequencing platform. In total, we predicted 34,879 protein-coding gene models. The average gene size was 3,207 bp, with a mean of 4.7 exons per gene.

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SRA: SRP005973

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Triticum urartu4572Wheat A Triticum urartu
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Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ1.24 GB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ1.23 GB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ957.34 MB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ961.2 MB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ1.22 GB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ1.22 GB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ976.28 MB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ976.5 MB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ972.07 MB2013-03-07
Triticum urartuGenome sequenceFASTQ977.38 MB2013-03-07
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