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Data released on February 28, 2014


Genomic data of the chickpea (Cicer arietinum).

Varshney,RK; Song,C; Saxena,RK; Azam,S; Yu,S; Sharpe,AG; Cannon,S; Baek,J; Rosen,BD; Taran,B; Millan,T; Zhang,X; Ramsay,LD; Iwata,A; Wang,Y; Nelson,W; Farmer,AD; Gaur,PM; Soderlund,C; Penmetsa,RV; Xu,C; Bharti,AK; He,W; Winter,P; Zhao,S; Hane,JK; Carrasquilla-Garcia,N; Condie,JA; Upadhyaya,HD; Luo,M; Thudi,M; Gowda,CLL; Singh,NP; Lichtenzveig,J; Gali,KK; Rubio,J; Nadarajan,N; Dolezel,J; Bansal,KC; Xu,X; Edwards,D; Zhang,G; Kahl,G; Gil,J; Singh,KB; Datta,SK; Jackson,SA; Wang, J; Cook, DR (2014): Genomic data of the chickpea (Cicer arietinum). GigaScience Database. RIS BibTeX Text

Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) is one of the world's most consumed pulses. The Chickpea plant has finely divided leaves, giving it a feathery appearance. The pods are oblong (2 to 3 by 1 to 2 cm) and contain one or two beaked seeds which may be white, yellow, red, brown, or nearly black. They do well in a cool, dry climate and are grown in India as a winter crop.
The draft of the chickpea genome is based on genotype CDC Frontier, a Canadian kabuli chickpea variety.

DNA from the chickpea was collected and e sequenced the 0.74 Gb genome to a depth of approximately 207 x with short reads from a series of libraries with various insert sizes ( 170bp, 500bp, 800bp, 2kb, 5kb, 10kb and 20kb) on a HiSeq 2000 sequencer.
The assembled scaffolds of high quality sequences total 153 Gb, with the contig and scaffold N50 values of 645 kb and 39.9 Mb respectively. We identified 28,256 protein-coding genes with an mean coding length of 1,166 bp.

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BioProject: PRJNA175619


Sample ID Taxonomic ID Common name Genbank name Scientific name Sample attributes
Chickpea-CDC Frontier 3827 Cicer arietinum chickpea Cicer arietinum tissue_type="etiolated seedlings"
geographical_location(country_and/or_region)="not recorded"
geographical_location(latitude_and_longitude)="not recorded"
cultivar="CDC Frontier"

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Readme TEXT 1 3 5220.51 KB 2014-02-28


Chickpea-CDC Frontier Genome assembly FASTA 2 9 537799657512.89 MB 2014-02-28


Chickpea-CDC Frontier coding sequence FASTA 2 8 3480958733.2 MB 2014-02-28


Chickpea-CDC Frontier annotation GFF 2 7 98638169.41 MB 2014-02-28


Chickpea-CDC Frontier protein sequnce FASTA 2 8 1314995612.54 MB 2014-02-28