Genomic data of the domestic goat (Capra hircus).

Dataset type: Genome-Mapping, Genomic
Data released on November 13, 2014

The domestic goat is one of the most important livestock species in the world, especially in China, India and other developing countries. Goats not only serve as an important source of meat, milk, fiber and pelts, and have fulfilled agricultural, economic, cultural and even religious roles from very early times in human civilization, but also are now used as animal models for biomedical research and transgene production of protein medicines.We would like to share all the genome data of goat. We hope the genome sequence of goat can provide a new resource for biological research and breeding of goat and other small ruminants.
We sequenced the 2.92 Gb genome to a depth of approximately 65.6 X with short reads from a series of libraries with various insert sizes ( 170 bp, 350 bp, 800 bp, 2 kb, 5 kb, 10 kb and 20 kb) on a HiSeq 2000 sequencer.
The assembled scaffolds of high quality sequences total 191.5 Gb, with the contig and scaffold N50 values of 18.7 kb and 2.21 Mb respectively. We identified 22,175 protein-coding genes. In addition, we also provide the restriction-enzyme fragment maps derived from the whole genome mapping (WGM) technology developed by the Argus System (method described in this paper).
Scaffolds derived from de novo assembly of next-generation sequencing data are converted into restriction maps by in silico restriction enzyme digestion. Then, the distance between restriction enzyme sites in the sequencing-derived scaffolds are matched to the lengths of the optical fragments in the single-molecule WGM restriction maps. Matches allow the scaffolds to be extended and linked into super-scaffolds.

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SRA: SRP012150
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SRS3094789925domestic goatgoatCapra hircus Geographic location (country and/or sea,region):no...
Geographic location (latitude and longitude):not r...
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SRS309478Protein sequenceFASTA11.2 MB2013-02-20
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