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Data released on November 29, 2015

Supporting data for "Deep sequencing of human major histocompatibility complex region contributes to studies of complex disease".

Cao, H; Chen, G; Fan, X; Gao, J; Jiang, H; Jin, X; Li, Q; Liang, B; Liu, X; Mei, J; Shen, C; Shen, J; Sheng, Y; Wang, W; Xu, F; Xu, R; Zhang, T; Zhang, Y; Zheng, X; Zhou, F; Zhu, C; Zuo, X; Yin, X; Yue, M; Ye, C; Zhang, C; Liu, X; Yu, L; Wu, J; Chen, M; Zhuang, X; Tang, L; Shao, H; Wu, L; Li, J; Xu, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhao, S; Wang, Y; Li, G; Xu, H; Zeng, L; Wang, J; Bai, M; Chen, Y; Chen, W; Kang, T; Wu, Y; Xu, X; Zhu, Z; Cui, Y; Wang, Z; Yang, C; Wang, P; Xiang, L; Chen, X; Zhang, A; Gao, X; Zhang, F; Xu, J; Zheng, M; Zheng, J; Zhang, J; Yu, X; Li, Y; Yang, S; Liu, J; Hammarstrom, L; Sun, L; Wang, J; Zhang, X (2015): Supporting data for "Deep sequencing of human major histocompatibility complex region contributes to studies of complex disease". GigaScience Database. RIS BibTeX Text

The human major histocompatibility complex (MHC) has been shown to be associated with numerous diseases. However, it remains a challenge to pinpoint causal variants of these associations due to the ex-treme complexity of the region. We thus sequenced the entire 5 Mb MHC region in 20,635 individuals of Han Chinese ethnicity (10,689 controls and 9,946 psoriasis patients) and constructed a Han-MHC da-tabase which included both variants and HLA gene typing results with high accuracy. We further identi-fied multiple independent novel susceptibility loci in HLA-C, HLA-B, HLA-DPB1, BTNL2 and an inter-genic variant, rs118178193 for psoriasis and confirmed the well-established susceptibility locus HLA-C*06:02. These discovered psoriasis-associated loci in MHC region were markedly different from those described in Caucasian population in a recent analysis and highlights the importance of generating population-specific MHC databases for studies of complex disease. We anticipate that our Han-MHC reference panel built by deep sequencing of a large number of samples will serve as a useful tool for investigating the role of the MHC region in a variety of diseases and thus advance our understanding of the pathogenesis of these disorders.

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Zhou, F., Cao, H., Zuo, X., Zhang, T., Zhang, X., Liu, X., … Zheng, X. (2016). Deep sequencing of the MHC region in the Chinese population contributes to studies of complex disease. Nature Genetics, 48(7), 740–746. doi:10.1038/ng.3576



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