Supporting data for "Plant Specimen Contextual Data Consensus"

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Data released on November 14, 2016

ten Hoopen P; Walls RL; Cannon EKS; Cochrane G; Cole J; Johnston A; Karsch-Mizrachi I; Yilmaz P (2016): Supporting data for "Plant Specimen Contextual Data Consensus" GigaScience Database.


The Compliance and Interoperability Working Group of the Genomic Standards Consortium facilitates expert-community building and development of recommendations for description of genomic data and associated information. We present here our ongoing conation to harmonise reporting of contextual data of plant specimens associated with genomic and functional genomic data. This commentary summarises the current state of the plant sample contextual data harmonisation thus enabling engagement of a broad plant science community.
Here we present the Plant Specimen Contextual Data Consensus, Version 1.0. However, the consensus is likely to evolve and we therefore encourage readers to always view the latest version of the consensus at the GSC website.

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