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Data released on March 27, 2018

Supporting data for “A practical tool for Maximal Information Coefficient analysis”

Albanese, D; Riccadonna, S; Donati, C; Franceschi, P (2018): Supporting data for “A practical tool for Maximal Information Coefficient analysis” GigaScience Database. RIS BibTeX Text

The ability of finding complex associations in large omics datasets, assessing their significance, and prioritizing them according to their strength can be of great help in the data exploration phase. Mutual Information based measures of association are particularly promising, in particular after the recent introduction of the TICe and MICe estimators, which coniugate computational efficiency with good bias/variance properties. Despite that, a complete software implementation of these two measures and of a statistical procedure to test the significance of each association is still missing. In this paper we present MICtools, a comprehensive and effective pipeline which combines TICe and MICe into a multi-step procedure that allows the identification of relationships of various degrees of complexity. MICtools calculates their strength assessing statistical significance using a permutation-based strategy. The performances of the proposed approach are assessed by an extensive investigation in synthetic datasets and an example of a potential application on a metagenomic dataset is also illustrated. We show that MICtools, combining TICe and MICe, is able to highlight associations that would not be captured by conventional strategies. MICtools is implemented in Python, and is available for download at

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maximal information coefficient mic tic equitability multiple testing permutation test power of statistical significance false discovery rate fdr 



  • Funding body - Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Comment - Accordo di Programma 2016-2018 Edmund Mach Foundation
  • Awardee - D Albanese

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