Supporting data for "Genome of an allotetraploid wild peanut Arachis monticola: a de novo assembly"

Dataset type: Genomic, Transcriptomic
Data released on June 06, 2018

Yin D; Ji C; Ma X; Li H; Zhang W; Li S; liu F; Zhao K; Li F; Li K; Ning L; He J; Wang Y; Zhao F; Xie Y; Zheng H; Zhang X; Zhang Y; Zhang J (2018): Supporting data for "Genome of an allotetraploid wild peanut Arachis monticola: a de novo assembly" GigaScience Database.


Arachis monticola (2n = 4x = 40) is the only allotetraploid wild peanut within section Arachis, with an AABB-type genome of about ~2.7 Gb. The AA-type subgenome is derived from diploid wild peanut Arachis duranensis, and the BB-type subgenome is derived from diploid wild peanut Arachis ipaensis. A. monticola is regarded either as the direct progenitor of the cultivated peanut or as an introgressive derivative between the cultivated peanut and wild species. The large polyploidy genome structure and enormous nearly identical regions of the genome make the assembly of chromosomal pseudomolecules very challenging. Here we report the first reference quality assembly of the A. monticola genome, using a series of advanced technologies. The final whole genome of A. monticola is ~2.62 Gb, and has a contig N50 and scaffold N50 of 106.66 Kb and 124.92 Mb, respectively. The vast majority (91.83%) of the assembled sequence was anchored onto the 20 pseudo-chromosomes and 96.07% of assemblies were accurately separated into AA- and BB- subgenomes. We demonstrated efficiency of the current state of the strategy for de novo assembly of the highly complex allotetraploid species, wild peanut (A. monticola), based on whole-genome shotgun sequencing, single molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing, high-throughput chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) technology and BioNano optical genome map. These combined technologies produced reference-quality genome of the allotetraploid wild peanut, which is valuable for understanding the peanut domestication and evolution within Arachis genus and among legume crops.

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Yin_lab_Peanut_DNA227691  Arachis monticola Description:DNA extracted from the leaf of the pea...
Molecular data type:DNA
Isolate:PI 263393
Yin_lab_Peanut_RNA227691  Arachis monticola Description:RNA extracted from the leaf of the pea...
Molecular data type:RNA
Isolate:PI 263393
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Optical mapUNKNOWN16.99 MB2018-05-23
Coding sequenceFASTA72.9 MB2018-05-23
AnnotationGFF59.16 MB2018-05-23
Genome sequenceFASTA2.46 GB2018-05-23
Protein sequenceFASTA25.75 MB2018-05-23
OtherTSV0.21 KB2018-05-23
OtherTSV0.19 KB2018-05-23
BLASTUNKNOWN476.84 MB2018-05-23
Optical mapUNKNOWN1.38 GB2018-05-23
Genome sequenceFASTA2.27 GB2018-05-23
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National Natural Science Foundation of China D Yin 31471525
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Henan Province D Yin 161100111000 key scientific and technological project
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Henan Province D Yin 2018JR0001 Innovation Scientists and Technicians Troop Construction Projects of Henan Province
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June 6, 2018 Dataset publish
July 9, 2018 Manuscript Link added : 10.1093/gigascience/giy066
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