Alnus glutinosa (A. glutinosa) is a nodulating species belonging to the Fagales order. It is nodulated by Frankia bacteria.Alnus contains about 24 species, has a wide range over all continents except Antarctica, covers broad areas such as volcanic ashes, mountain screes, burned forests and glacier moraines as well as anthropic biotopes such as road sides, dam dykes and mine spoils.DNA was collected from 2 g of young leaves were harvested from a single tree growing on the left bank of Rhone River (France).We sequenced the genome to a depth of approximately 325X.The assembled scaffolds of high quality sequences total 600MB, with the contig and scaffold N50 values of 5kb and 96kb respectively. We identified 43,087 protein-coding genes with a mean length of 1,128kb.


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Griesmann, M., Chang, Y., Liu, X., Song, Y., Haberer, G., Crook, M. B., … Cheng, S. (2018). Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis. Science, eaat1743. doi:10.1126/science.aat1743

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doi:10.5524/101042 IsSupplementTo doi:10.5524/100300

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BioProject: PRJNA374770


Sample IDTaxonomic IDCommon NameGenbank NameScientific NameSample Attributes
Alnus glutinosa genome3517  Alnus glutinosa Description:DNA extracted from leaf of Alnus gluti...
Analyte type:DNA
Project name:International Consortium on Evolution...
Alnus glutinosa RNA3517  Alnus glutinosa Description:RNA extracted from pooled root, nodule...
Analyte type:RNA
Project name:International Consortium on Evolution...
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Alnus glutinosa genomeCoding sequenceFASTA48.05 MB2018-06-01
Alnus glutinosa genomeSequence assemblyFASTA587.2 MB2018-06-01
otherFASTA4.43 MB2018-06-01
otherGFF1.56 MB2018-06-01
otherFASTA1.52 MB2018-06-01
otherFASTA508.44 KB2018-06-01
otherUNKNOWN8.38 MB2018-06-01
Alnus glutinosa genomeAnnotationGFF16.07 MB2018-06-01
Alnus glutinosa genomeProtein sequenceFASTA16.47 MB2018-06-01
otherFASTA5.96 MB2018-06-01
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July 23, 2018 Dataset publish
February 6, 2019 Manuscript Link added : 10.1126/science.aat1743