Genomic data of Nanmaohu Park Moraceae plant specimen, RL0001

Dataset type: Imaging, Genomic
Data released on January 25, 2019

Liu H; Wei J; Yang T; Mu W; Song B; Yang T; Fu Y; Wang X; Hu G; Li W; Zhou H; Chang Y; Chen X; Chen H; Cheng L; He X; Cai H; Cai X; Wang M; Li Y; Yang J; Wang Y; Mu R; Liu J; Zhao J; Huang Z; Liu X (2019): Genomic data of Nanmaohu Park Moraceae plant specimen, RL0001 GigaScience Database.


We sampled vascular plants from Ruili Botanical Garden,Yunnan, China. All the samples were collected within the geographical region Longitude 97.646389 to 98.099167, Latitude 23.878333 to 24.155556, altitudes ranging from 740 meters to 1,200 meters above sea level. In total, we collected 1,093 vascular plants, from which we used the young leaves for sequencing, and at the same time the specimens were vouchered. The specimens are maintained at the Herbarium of China National GeneBank (HCNGB).
Of these, 761 specimens yielded DNA suitable for sequencing. The other 332 samples are vouchered and images of those plants are available in those datasets. The 761 samples represented 689 vascular plant species from 137 families belonging to 49 different orders.
There is an ongoing effort to formally identify all specimens, but at time of publication only a very small number had been identified beyond family level.
This dataset contains genomic data and images from the plant vouchered as HCNGB:RUILI:HCNGB_00001751. Preliminary identification is that it is of the family Moraceae.
The K-mer distribution of the sequencing predicted the genome size to be 688188000bp. We have generated 68040000000bp of data, which gives a theoretical coverage of 98.9x.

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BioProject: PRJNA438407

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RL00013487mulberry family Moraceae Description:DNA extracted from leaves of Moraceae ...
Geographic location (country and/or sea,region):Na...
Geographic location (latitude and longitude):restr...
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