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Data released on November 26, 2014

Supporting material for: "Shared data for IMRT optimization research: the CORT dataset".

Bangert, M; Craft, D; Long, T; Papp, D; Unkelbach, J (2014): Supporting material for: "Shared data for IMRT optimization research: the CORT dataset". GigaScience Database. RIS BibTeX Text

Here we provide intensity modulation radiation therapy (IMRT) datasets for a prostate case, a liver case, a head and neck case, and a standard IMRT phantom. For each, we provide the dose-influence matrix from a variety of beam/couch angle pairs. The dose-influence matrix is the main entity needed to perform optimizations: it contains the dose to each patient voxel from each pencil beam. We also provide the original DICOM computed tomography (CT) scan as well as the DICOM structure file.

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Common Name
Scienfic Name
Sample Attributes
Taxonomic ID
Genbank Name

Sample IDTaxonomic IDCommon NameGenbank NameScientific NameSample Attributes
Head and Neck9606HumanhumanHomo sapiens
Liver9606HumanhumanHomo sapiens
Prostate9606HumanhumanHomo sapiens
TG1199606HumanhumanHomo sapiens
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File NameSample IDFile TypeFile FormatSizeRelease Date 
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1016.53 MB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1012.06 MB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN887.47 MB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1021.35 MB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1 GB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1.01 GB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1.02 GB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1.03 GB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN967.56 MB2014-09-03
Head and NeckMicroCTUNKNOWN1023.31 MB2014-09-03
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