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Data released on December 04, 2017

The Japanese silk moth, Antheraea yamamai, draft genome sequence

Kim, S; Kwak, W; Kim, K; Kim, S; Choi, K; Kim, S; Hwang, J; Kim, I; Goo, T; Park, S (2017): The Japanese silk moth, Antheraea yamamai, draft genome sequence GigaScience Database. RIS BibTeX Text

Antheraea yamamai, also known as the Japanese oak silk moth, is a wild species of silk moth. Silk produced by A. yamamai, referred to as tensan silk, shows different characteristics such as thickness, compressive elasticity and chemical resistance compared to the common silk produced from the domesticated silkworm, Bombyx mori. Its unique characteristics have led to its use in many research fields including biotechnology and medical science, and the scientific as well as economic importance of wild silk moth continues to gradually increase. However, no genomic information for wild silk moth, including A. yamamai, is currently available.
In order to construct the A. yamamai genome, a total of 147G base pairs using Illumina and Pacbio sequencing platforms were generated, providing 210-fold coverage based on the 700 Mb estimated genome size of A. yamamai. The assembled genome of A. yamamai was 656 Mb(>2kb) with 3,675 scaffolds and the N50 length of assembly was 739 Kb with 34.07% GC ratio. Identified repeat elements covered 37.33% of the total genome and the completeness of the constructed genome assembly was estimated to be 96.7% by BUSCO v2 analysis. A total of 15,481 genes were identified using Evidence Modeler based on the gene prediction results obtained from 3 different methods (ab initio, RNA-seq based, known-gene based) and manual curation.
Here we present the genome sequence of A. yamamai, the first genome sequence of wild silk moth. These results provide valuable genomic information which will help enrich our understanding of the molecular mechanisms related to not only specific phenotypes such as wild silk itself but also the genomic evolution of Saturniidae.

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  • Funding body - Rural Development Administration
  • Award ID - PJ010442
  • Awardee - SR Kim

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Testis 37121Japanese oak silk mothJapanese oak silkmothAntheraea yamamai Description:RNA extracted from testis No.7 in bree...
Molecular data type:RNA
Sample material processing:Oligo-dt enrichment was...
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Tabular dataUNKNOWN144.19 MB2017-11-21
Sequence assemblyFASTA641.32 MB2017-11-21
Tabular dataFASTA218.17 MB2017-11-21
Tabular dataFASTA1.94 KB2017-11-21
Coding sequenceFASTA20.7 MB2017-11-21
Tabular dataUNKNOWN84.2 KB2017-11-21
ScriptUNKNOWN3.47 KB2017-11-21
Tabular dataTSV15.8 MB2017-11-21
Protein sequenceFASTA7.56 MB2017-11-21
ReadmeTEXT2.82 KB2017-11-21
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