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New dataset added on 2018-08-17: 10.5524/100479 Supporting data for "Genome-wide definition of selective sweeps reveals molecular evidence of trait-driven domestication among elite goat (Capra species) breeds for the production of dairy, cashmere, and meat"

New dataset added on 2018-08-16: 10.5524/100490 Supporting data for "A draft genome assembly of the Chinese sillago (Sillago sinica), the first reference genome for Sillaginidae fishes"

New dataset added on 2018-08-16: 10.5524/100484 Supporting data for "Population genomics of wild Chinese rhesus macaques reveals a dynamic demographic history and local adaptation, with implications for biomedical research"

New dataset added on 2018-08-15: 10.5524/100486 Supporting data for "Comparative genomics and transcriptomics of Chrysolophus provide insights into the evolution of complex plumage coloration"

New dataset added on 2018-08-14: 10.5524/100493 Supporting data for "Sequana Coverage: Detection and Characterization of Genomic Variations using Running Median and Mixture Models."

New dataset added on 2018-08-07: 10.5524/100489 Supporting data for "Draft genome of Glyptosternon maculatum, an endemic fish from Tibet-plateau"

New dataset added on 2018-08-06: 10.5524/100488 Supporting data for "Monitoring changes in the Gene Ontology and their impact on genomic data analysis"

New dataset added on 2018-07-31: 10.5524/100485 Supporting data for "The genome of the golden apple snail Pomacea canaliculata provides insight into stress tolerance and invasive adaptation"

New dataset added on 2018-07-23: 10.5524/101042 Genomic data of Alnus glutinosa

New dataset added on 2018-07-23: 10.5524/101046 Genomic data of Datisca glomerata








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